Dr. Ahmed Mahdy

Dr Ahmed Mahdy started his education in Egypt , graduating from Cairo University as a Dental & Oral Surgeon .
Interested in the profession leads him to start working as a General Practitioner at Presidental Esthetics Center immediately after graduating, were his career brought him today.
Oral Implantology was always his specialty of interest , which made him focus his studies in the field and Master it and be recognized by the International Congress of Oral Implantology USA as Fellow in 2010.
Aside from the dental field , Medical Managment have always been a passion that he persuaded and enjoys to archive.
Regardless traveling a lot and seeking knowledge around the world, he chooses to continue his career and life in Egypt.

Speciality BDS - Cairo University
Degrees Restorative / CAD - CAM Specialist / Implantologist
Areas of Expertise Fellow (ICOI) The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (USA) Fellow (AOIA) Alexandria Oral Implantology Association