PresiDental Esthetics Center and Institute (PDE) is an organization stemming from 15 years of dental experience. It is considered as one of the leading dental centers in Egypt, in the field of dental implantology, on both the level of patient care and the educational level.

PDE clinics represent the joint efforts of a group of capable doctors from different disciplines of dental science collaborating with one ultimate goal in mind, for you to have the healthiest smile you have always dreamed of.

Our team of doctors is always learning, adapting & developing in order to offer you all the latest technologies and techniques & facilities to help you reach your smiling goals with minimally invasive procedures if possible. We have a fully equipped in-office lab where we can deliver restorations within one hour. With the advantage of having in office lab, our clients have the chance to monitor their restorations being fabricated, allowing their particular needs to be discussed to reach maximum satisfactory results.